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Endodontist in Victorville, Ca

Diagnosis and Treatment

Norman Endodontics is dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of root canal therapy and related surgeries. Our goal is to provide quality endodontic treatment in a pleasant and caring environment.

What is an Endodontist?
A dentist who specializes in root canal treatment and related surgeries.

Why have I been referred to an Endodontist?
Your General Dentist has determined that you have a tooth requiring Endodontic evaluation and/or treatment. After completion of the specific treatment for which you were referred, you will return to your General Dentist for continued overall dental care.

How are the office of my General Dentist and the Endodontist related?
They are separate practices. All billing, insurance processing and appointments are done through the office where treatment is performed.

For more information on Endodontic care, please visit: https://www.aae.org/
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